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Tangential Flow Filtration Optimisation

The Discover Single-Use Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) system maximises product yields through operational optimisation using leading edge automation and single-use technologies.

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Primary Elements

  1. Equipment Status Beacon
  2. 19” HMI Touch Display
  3. Optek Control Panel
  4. Filter Cassette Holder
  5. Peristaltic Additions Pump
  1. Permeate Pump
  2. Pressure Control Valve
  3. Optek Control Panel
  4. Feed Pump

Single-use flow path designs optimised to deliver high product yield and operational ease of use

CPi Biotech’s Single-Use Flow Paths combine advanced fluid management single-use technologies, including validated connections, filter membranes, pumps, in-line instrumentation (sensors) and Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) in to a single-use platform.


  1. Inlet Ports
  2. Feed Pump
  3. Feed Waste Outlet Ports
  4. Pressure Sensor (Inlet,Retentate and Permeate)
  5. Flowmeter (Retentate & Permeate)
  6. Retentate Conductivity, UV, pH, and Temperature monitoring PAT
  7. Retentate Outlet Ports
  8. Fit/Blowdown Air Inlet
  9. Permeate Outlet
  10. Minimal Dead Leg Valve
  11. Retentate Conductivity, UV, pH, and Temperature monitoring PAT
  12. Sum Feed Assembly
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System Process & Mechanical Overview
Membrane Area0.5 - 5 m² (Hollow Fiber or Cassette Type)
Additions Pump Flow Rate0.1 - 13 l/Min
Feed Pump Flow Rate0.1 - 20 l/Min
Permeate Pump Flow Rate0.1 - 13 l/Min
Integrated SensorsFlow, Pressure, UV, Conductivity, Temperature and pH
System Size1m (W) x 1.05 m (D) x 1.7m (H)
Power Requirements120 - 240 VAC (+/- 10%), 1 ph, 50/60 Hz, 15A
MoC304 L SS
Processing ControlWeight, TMP and ΔP
SoftwareEmerson Delta V Latest Version
Communication ProtocolProfiNet as standard (Others available upon request)
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