SAFETY – in Critical Single Use Bio-processing skid – FULLY ENCLOSED PUPSIT Final Filtration Single Use SKID

What an exciting project to be involved with!

The health and safety of plant operator(s) when interacting with Single Use Systems is central when designing and building such Single Use systems, and in critical/hazardous applications, the provision of a protective layer placed between the fluid path and the operator provides ultimate assurance of delivering on Safety.

Some months ago, we spoke about having been awarded a contract from a Global Biopharmaceutical client for a really interesting project, we are pleased to have now successfully delivered this project to another satisfied customer.

The scope of the project involved the design and manufacture of a fully Enclosed Single Use filtration skid system, with the Single Use assembly and filters fully enclosed due to the HIGH POTENCY nature of final drug-filling process. The fluid product path to the filling line comprised Peristaltic pumps, filters, pressure sensors, tubing and other Single Use components – all assembled to form a single-use assembly set. The complete fluid path was fully contained within the skid and is easily accessible via a glove ported enclosure, thereby enabling routine operator intervention. BUT CRITICALLY providing optimum operator protection.

The scope of the project included P&ID development, 3D modelling and GA drawing, mock-up of the skid and glove ported enclosure for “ergonomic fit-up”, Single Use Equipment specification and selection, electrical layout and drawing development, FAT protocols, and complete project management, etc.

According to Ronan Healy, Associate Director, Biotech Client Management; “This was a challenging project but one the team rose to and thoroughly enjoyed. We really welcome the opportunity to work on projects addressing the primary health and safety concerns when using Single Use systems in GMP production environments”.

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