Powder Transfer Bottles

A range of Polypropylene and stainless steel Chargebottles available in both non-pressure and pressure-rated versions.

ChargeBottle® P 

ChargeBottle® P2 

ChargeBottle® M 

ChargeBottle® MX 

Easy to handle

The standard ChargeBottle is manufactured from a lightweight polypropylene to aid manual handling. When manually handling larger containers, a ChargeBottle Handle Clamp can be utilised for safer operation/ When the process or simply, weight, does not permit manual handling then a pneumatically powered mobile or stationary ChargeBottle Hoist can be installed.

Maximising product flow and yield

Each ChargeBottle is profiled with the optimal cone shape to ensure good flow. Utilising a translucent polypropylene ChargeBottle allows for visual confirmation of complete product charge. When handling difficult products, additional means can be provided either with a vibratory collar or by utilising a pressure rated ChargeBottle with flushing capability

Pressure Rated ChargeBottle

ChargeBottle's can be supplied for pressure charging or flushing capability. The base of the vessel is profiled with a dome to minimize product hold up and assist witht the flushing of product out of the vessel.

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Technical / Specification
Size ranges



Stainless Steel:

Contact CPI Technology for the range of sizes available

Connection type: BS4825 TRI-CLAMP

Material: Polupropylene (Translucent white) or 316L Stainless Steel

Pressure Rating: Available upon request (for stainless steel bottles only)

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