Configurable Bioprocessing Platform – Success in the delivery of 28 GMP Carts delivered to Global Pharma Client


At the end of last year, CPi successfully delivered 28 Customisable Carts to a leading Global Bio-Pharmaceutical client meeting all deadlines and project deliverables. This project had commenced approximately 9 months earlier and in addition to the 28 Carts, further involved the delivery of 7 Research & Development Laboratory Customisable Carts.


Our client had used a similar modular design approach in another European facility and requested CPi Biotech to leverage the design fundamentals, but critically to improve for the deployment of the customisable carts in a GMP Production environment.

A key challenge was ensuring that all the necessary equipment would fit neatly on the cart platform. With 28 different P&ID’s that task wasn’t straightforward and achieving a standardised common design was something our Engineering team relished. These skids are designed to allow customisation at any stage in the manufacturing process from upstream to downstream.

Project Scope

Our team managed all aspects of the project end to end, including:

  • Project Management
  • 3D Modelling and Drawing Development
  • Detailed Engineering Design
  • Fabrication Activities
  • Pre-Testing and FAT
  • Extensive Project Documentation
Configurable Bioprocessing Platform | CPI Biotech

Working collaboratively with our client, integration of client preferred components was a specific deliverable from the customer in order to achieve site wide standardisation of Single Use Technologies.  CPi Biotech worked with our primary partners including PSG, Watson Marlow, Norgren and others in meeting this specific user requirement.

About Single Use Configurable Bioprocessing Platforms

Single-use bioprocess skids have become a large element of modern biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities over the past 10 years with the focus nowadays targeted towards “designing in” MODULAR, SCALABLE, and FLEXIBLE solutions. Our solution provides one common platform, with multiple USP & DSP bioprocessing possibilities.

Biopharmaceutical manufacturers are under increasing demand across every aspect of the business from production to product pipeline. This increases the demand for innovative solutions and technologies to deliver and continuously meet these exacting demands. In order to respond to tomorrow’s challenges, bioprocessing technologies must have “inbuilt” capabilities to change, transform and adapt to meet these challenges.

In our commitment to providing the market with continuous Bioprocess solutions, our Configurable Single Use bioprocessing skid platform delivers in providing flexibility to manage multiple processes saving the customer real-time plant, process & molecule re-configuration time as well as ongoing re-investment in Bioprocessing skids.

Configurable elements Including

– Large Flowrate range
– Different Filter Types to suit specific process requirements and new molecules
– Multiple instrument Types including temperature/pressure /pH/UV etc

Our innovative Configurable Single Use skid solutions accelerate the delivery and operation of flexible Bio processing manufacturing facilities seamlessly supporting both complex and changing processes from clinical development all the way through commercialization.

In-built future-proofing design provides multiple benefits for our customers including:

-Valuable time-saving of equipment reconfiguration for new molecule introductions
-Scalable adaptation from clinical to full-scale GMP production using one common platform
-Risk reduction – operator proficiency in using a common platform across multiple processing steps
-One platform supporting multiple Up Stream Processes and Down Stream Processes

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