Major Biopharmaceutical Plant Awards Multi Drug Single-Use Bioprocess Skid to CPi Biotech

Single-use process skid designs have become a large element of biopharmaceutical manufacturing with the focus on modular, scalable and flexible solutions. At CPi Biotech, our team operate at the highest level in the design of skids across multiple applications including UF/DF, depth and nano filtration, virus filtration and inactivation, smart carts as well as general complex single-use process skids.

The customer’s original scope intended to integrate a cluster of single-use skids for the purpose of utilizing Millipore and PALL Depth filtration units, as well as the inclusion of additional polishing filters. A high-level priority for the customer was integrating multiple filtration technologies to address the future needs of the biopharmaceutical plant.

Our design engineers set about the task of integrating the cluster of skids into one single unit. This offered numerous advantages including space saving, less complex single-use designs as well as a single control panel and automation platform on board.

What our customers say:

“The design and build quality of the skid as manufactured by CPi from their facility in Cork sets a new standard in bioprocess skid design. We relied heavily on CPi’s project management processes and technical know-how in the single-use space through all phases of a project life cycle from initial concept/design, right through to routine supply to meet our on-going production demands. Of note is CPi’s unique capability to successfully work with all major component manufacturers as an unbiased manufacturer of single-use assemblies and manifolds, thus enabling the opportunity for us to specify all polymeric and fluid contact component materials.”

Major Client Awards Bio-Process Skid to CPi | CPI Biotech
Major Client Awards Bio-Process Skid to CPi | CPI Biotech