Two Single Use Filtration Skids with Multiple Filters delivered to New Global Biopharma customer

CPI Biotech has just completed the design and build of 2 Bioprocess Skids for a leading biopharmaceutical company that produces medicines and vaccinations.
The first Skid, a Virus Filtration skid, is a system that is designed to remove viruses and other pathogens from a liquid solution. The second is a Viral Inactivation depth filtration skid. Viral inactivation skids are commonly used in the production of biologic drugs, vaccines, and gene therapies. A third Skid for use in the Harvest Depth Filtration stage will be going through FAT over the coming weeks. We’ll share information on that part of the project over the coming weeks!

This single-use project, which took 6 months, also involved the provision of GMP single-use assemblies to the site along with the skids. An interesting aspect of this project was the integration of multiple different filters on a project including leading Brands 3M, Merck Millipore & Sartorius. The bioprocess skids were custom designed and built to suit the client’s specific bioprocessing specifications was well as ensuring the skid systems were as compact as possible to fit the available client’s space.

The scope of the project comprised P&ID & 3D model development, GA and electrical drawings, detailed engineering, fabrication and build, test and FAT from our dedicated Single Use manufacturing facility. The Skid Systems were delivered to our client’s site with a full VTOP package in May. This was a great project to work on for the team here at CPI Biotech who rose to the challenge of additional complexities and exacting specifications. Exciting to work with a new customer and experience their processes and approach.

CPi Biotech Single Use Bioprocess Skid Systems – Delivering Scalable, Flexible, Modular SOLUTIONS as well as Automation options conforming with existing site architecture and standards.

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project1 Filtration Skids with Multiple Filters delivered
project2 Filtration Skids with Multiple Filters delivered
project3 Filtration Skids with Multiple Filters delivered
project4 Filtration Skids with Multiple Filters delivered
project5 Filtration Skids with Multiple Filters delivered