US Client takes delivery of an SPTFF Skid

A Seattle-based client recently took delivery of a CPi Biotech advanced Single Use Bioprocess skid. The system, used in continuous bio-processing, is a Single Pass Tangential Flow Filtration System or SPTFF.

We are pleased to have successfully completed yet another Single Use SPTFF package for a client based in Seattle USA. We were delighted to recently welcome the Seattle team to our facility in Little Island Cork where extensive FAT testing was undertaken. Our highly trained and expert team was on hand to walk them through every step.

In Critical Bioprocessing applications, Single-pass TFF systems play a central role in improving manufacturing efficiency and productivity through the implementation of Single-Use Technology. Such Systems play a key role in the manufacture of lifesaving vaccines and critical therapeutics. With our SPTFF technology, our clients can achieve process intensification, volume reduction, and continuous manufacturing through the implementation of CPi Biotech Single-Pass Tangential Flow Filtration SYSTEMS. These systems can be deployed in many downstream unit operations, including clarification, chromatography, and final ultrafiltration steps. Significantly, CPi Biotech SPTFF systems save on valuable cleanroom production space by consuming a smaller footprint over traditional batch mode TFF systems.

The scope of the project included P&ID development, 3D modeling and GA drawing, Equipment specification and selection (pumps/pressure and temperature sensors / UV and Conductivity, etc), electrical layout and drawing development, FAT protocols, and complete project management.

Once again, the team delivered!

Great to work with our suppliers including PSG Biotech Quattroflow, a PSG brand optek-Danulat, Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions Watson-Marlow – UK and PendoTECH

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